We are a specialist product development company.
We design and manufacture innovative display products specifically for the international flag industry; by combining years of flag industry knowledge with expert design skills.
We are a member of the flag industry and understand the challenges it faces:
More digital printing machines
More competitors
Cheap imports
Reduced prices
Reduced margins
Our aim is to increase the demand for flags and banners by increasing their appeal, ease of use and cost effectiveness by providing better methods to display them.
We design and manufacturer in New Zealand, a country renowned for its quality products and its focus on global exporting.
We have some unique products on offer right now – and some exciting new products in development.

The Euro Range is the new generation of portable flag & banner display systems.


The Euro Range has been designed and developed by flag industry experts who saw the need for a better way to display flags and banners.    


The range includes unique pole designs that display flag and banners of various eyecatching shapes.  The poles are supported by a wide range of mounting options including unique heavy duty and stable plastic bases available in several bright colours.  Match a coloured Nova or Vega base to your flag colours for a stand out display!


The Euro Range is already proving to be popular worldwide - please take a look at our gallery to see the range in action.


Unique shapes, bright vibrant colours, superior quality, quick and easy assembly......make your brand stand out from the rest with a Euro Range display!


Superior Quality

Products in the Euro Range have been made to a high standard in both design and materials.

Innovation in Design

We focus on adding greater value and functionality to our products through design excellence.


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Innovation in Materials

Design excellence can only be achieved with high quality materials. Unlike others we refuse to compromise in this vital area. We work closely with engineers and suppliers to specify only the best.

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